Today’s Message

Mastering boundless hardship is not your identity

Instead of  gaining your truth from misfortune find it in your soul. 

Start now. 


A Dream

Racing in a panic to get somewhere
The place I do not know
Lost while running on a sidewalk
I am a bull that knocks over everything I see
No time for eating
Quiet but loud
Hunting but gathering
I lose knowledge of my name
The body melts into liquid
Lost and now untraceable
I wake up to peaceful sounds
I am solid again


Strangely discovering the way people’s motors work
With fuel as a necessity the desire to move fast or slow changes
Some control this and others are along for the ride
It can break down and help is in order
It is like a boat

Having Faith

I was taught to believe that there is a higher power
When there is suffering in life
One day the suffering has a chance to turn 
By learning to tow what’s stuck
And having faith 

Story of my life

Story of my life
Senses are not right
Loudness can take hold of me
Growing of my mind
hard sometimes to find
Traveling to find the key
Teenage greatness has arrived
Stick it out or just ignore me
Rinsing all the childish looks away
Securing time to just let me be. 


Watching the sand move from the beach


Sleeping for ten hours


Sitting in the bathroom


Hair falling to the ground


Reaching high levels


Letter to Mandela

Mr. Mandela,
Peace for you will be granted. Peace in life and death. You are a respected warrior. I will carry your name with dignity. 
Danson Mandela Wambua

Polling the People

Man has a way of needing to insist we get upset at much of life
Would the world be boring if everyone was happy?
Would productivity be worse of better?

In Honor of MLK Day

Something I want to give: I will give family hugs when they are crying
Something I want to learn: Mostly about science of the body
Something I want to teach: Respect is shown by participating in lives other then your own
Something I want to commit to: Making yesterday hard to forget when today is here
A Dream: I want glad New York rappers to rap about goodness
Spirits will be lifted with time


They have particular types of meaning
The green leaves illustrate nothing like the others
since they are dependent on one another to survive
The brown one mostly satisfies the largely trapped animal with sharp teeth
nobody attends to
Red is heading to the museum of strength where it will survive with praise