Meanings to words are different when you are only listening

Saying you are good when asked how are you seems like a waste of time

If I could talk I would tell the truth


About dansonwambua

I have autism and I use rapid prompting method to write this blog.

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  1. Mel says:

    Danson — how very much I admire your thinking. I can talk, and I’m telling
    you the truth!!!!

  2. Indi says:

    This is so true Danson…so many people that can talk just “say” things and so many people that can talk don’t really listen. I remember once in college, doing a test to see how many people “really” listened to what is being said…I had noticed in the country where I went to college that people would ask…”How you doing?” and never listened to the response…but simply would answer “Greaaaaaate!” So I took time to say when asked by random people…”Hey, how are you doing?” I’d answer “Not, so good” you would not believe how many people would still answer “Greaaaaaate” even though I said I was not doing so good. Until one day the librarian at my college said…I noticed you have been saying “Not good” the past few times I asked you how you were, she said, I hope things get better for you…she said she was ashamed that she did not take the time to say something positive and promised herself to try to cheer me up the next time she saw me. I told her of my experiment and she was really happy because she said she it would make her think from now on about her answers and repsonses. All of this is to say…maybe we should all speak and listen more honestly. The truth is the truth! Thank you Danson for reminding me. Hugs from The Bahamas~
    Indira xo

  3. Emily Straight says:

    Wow Danson. You really have a honest way of seeing the world and articulating it in your poems. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Grammy Jane Wilcox says:

    Danson, I love this deep thought about words! When I was in high school, I wrote a paper on semantics! Keep up your excellent thinking/ writing! Love, Grammy Jane

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