We go to extremes to survive in the world

Laugh at us if you are trained to but know that we are watching

Karma will take care of it

We rupture some people’s reality and inspire others normalcy

We together make the world what it is

Saving the planet means nothing if reality must pretend

So laugh with us and not at us


About dansonwambua

I have autism and I use rapid prompting method to write this blog.

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  1. Danson, Your post has inspired me to read more from other poets/writers who discuss their autism amongst many other topics. Donna Williams is a friend of Tito’s who lives in Australia, and I’ve just signed up for a 1-hour ‘email consult’ for you to talk with her writer-to-writer Millions of people have read her 10 books, here is one of her poems that I really liked:

    When Art Speaks © Donna Williams

    And art is simply what it is, it speaks directly to the soul.

    And yes, it cuts through, with great clarity and simplicity,

    And what is left is sadness, realism,

    And a void one now must fill,

    With all the precious moments that we have in the ticking of the clock.

    There is no time for self punishment, for wars, for heirachy or overcomplication.

    We ‘are’ and this is what we have to share,

    Our beingness, diverse, quirky, equal,

    However anyone else sees it.


  2. Marysa says:

    This is a powerful poem and it also makes me smile. Thank you for being you!

    We’re in you corner Danson. I love you!


  3. Nancy C. says:

    I really like this poem. I read it several times and each time, it had a different meaning for me.

  4. Linda Kemp says:

    Truly insightful. I read it several times and each time it got deeper and so realistically a portrayal of human characters , I remember you as a toddler and to see you grow into an young man of such insight and depth is inspiring to me as a mom and a believer of magnificence, You are Great! Keep on teaching Danson

  5. Meaghan Lingis says:

    Wow— you are so beautiful! I am touched by your insight, awareness and honesty. Dear Master, seer of things those caught in the world miss, I thank you for your presence. You will never conform to the rules of these cultures, so you are able to exist in this body, yet beyond the restrictions the rest of us adhere to. Thank you… You are clear indeed. Much love, Meaghan

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