Meditation is like finding your own datebook. You need to organize your mind and appreciate your time on this earth. What do you do to help organize your mind?


About dansonwambua

I have autism and I use rapid prompting method to write this blog.

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  1. John "Uncle Johnny" Pierce says:

    How brilliant and profound! To answer your question, what I do to help organize my mind is to pray and give thanks for all of the great things I have in my life, like my amazing family!!!

  2. dansonwambua says:

    Thanks Uncle Johnny. My never ending struggle is to help people live the best life they can.

  3. Hi Danson,
    I clean up the clutter in my house, and that helps me relax and think.
    I’m real happy to hear from you. Your Aunt Karen and I have been friends for many many years.

  4. Julia Wilcox says:

    Hi Danson,
    I am very excited that you started this blog and I really look forward to your upcoming posts. You are going to touch many people.
    Sometimes my thoughts and feelings are moving too quickly for me to keep up.
    I sit down in a chair with my feet touching the ground so I can feel it beneath me and I tell myself “You are safe right now. It is ok to relax.” I keep repeating this until my thoughts have become easier to navigate. I also write in my journal and that helps to relax me and get what I am feeling out of my mind and on to paper.

  5. Rick Henderson says:

    Danson, It was a pleasure to meet you and your family the other night at my Aunt Carols the other night. Your an incredible young man,looking forward to more posts. Maybe some day during the summer you can stay longer and we can go for a swim in the ocean,and if you would like to learn to surf just let me know…Rick

  6. Hi, Danson! You don’t know me but my daughter Alice goes to school with Zaharek (and Marysa and I used to go to school together too! Funny!). Anyway, this is a great question and I admit, I am not very good at organizing my mind. I’m not even sure I know how to do it. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

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