Crowds accumulate

Chaos develops

Finding the path

Choices are plentiful

Decisions are made

Anxiety attaches

Seeking the quiet

Searching for solace

Knowing whats needed

Aiding the struggle

Determination lost

Determination found


image Higher than what the eye can see
There is light
I am grateful that I can look beyond
Deeper than what the body can feel
There is wisdom
I am grateful that I can feel beyond
I am grateful
-Danson Mandela Wambua


To bring attention to something

A whistle is ignited

The design is to demand awareness

The outcome can produce fear

Much like an alarm clock to some

Startle increases the heart rate

Is it a bother to you?


Survival starts early in life
For many living things it’s the biggest goal of the day
Some refrain from thinking of it
Others give thanks for their days
Surviving a meal
Surviving a hurricane
Surviving a sickness
What is the meaning to you?

Making endless rugs for a living the quiet woman envisioned a change.
She woke up to loud neighbors having a party half of the nights.
Born into poverty mundane reality was not easy to climb out of.
Prayers became regular occurrences.
When her rug made its way to the White House her job did not change but she did.
All she needed was a grand compliment.

Letter to Avonte’s Mother

Dear Ms. Fontaine,

I behave in escaping ways also. 

The feeling of freedom can be found. 

This does not mean his blessing has ended.

I am an autistic teenager.

I do not talk with my mouth but I think.

Avonte is shining. 


Danson Wambua 

What do you think they are doing?

What do you think they are doing?

Hurrying to take a picture of an imagine inside of the moon.
Mixture of letters is code for date of next natural disaster.
If you see it, you may be affected.
If you do not, you are safe.

New Years Wish

Granting myself gaining more insight concerning the world. 

A Question











How many can you have at once?


There is sadness mixed with great gratitude

He is deserving of infinite peace

Generations beyond to protect his goodness

I wear the name with pride

– Danson Mandela Wambua